What our customers have to say

Sunny Han’s is a fabulous place to go out to eat where you know you can make healthy choices! Whether it’s choosing all veggies with Fire Cracker Tofu or Brown Rice with Basil Chicken Breast, you have many wonderful flavors to make your palate sing. The atmosphere is cozy and warm, and the staff is very friendly and customer orientated. It’s a pleasure to call this our family’s favorite place to go eat at and has been for the past 24 years!


Sunny Han’s has been my family’s favorite restaurant in Historic Downtown Gresham for 24 years. We have not only enjoyed the healthy, very tasty food there, but we savor the whole experience we get each time we go. Sunny Han’s is our “Happy Place”. No kidding we adore the owners, Sunny and Judy that have made Gresham a better place because they’re here. The staff and the ambiance of the restaurant that changes with the seasons is amazing. So neighbor if you’re looking for a healthy restaurant to hang out with friends come join us.


“Sunny Han’s is my absolute favorite restaurant in Gresham! I appreciate the selection (including some gluten free options), and that every order is freshly prepared and consistently delicious. The creative decor and friendly staff make it a comfortable, pleasant place to share a meal with friends & family. Sunny Han’s feels like the Gresham neighborhood dining room. –Gail G.


Thank you Sunny Hans! I have been a regular at Sunny’ Han’s for about 14 years. The food is excellent and fresh EVERY time. The employees are always very courteous. Although I have my favorites, the menu is very gracious with a wide array of dishes to choose from. You cannot go wrong eating at this 24 years in business establishment. Thanks to the owners as they mingle with the family (customers), it feels like home. — Russ Thompson ….business owner in Gresham for over 18 years.