The Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig begins on Feb 5th and is celebrated for about 15 days.

A couple of foods that are always eaten at the new year are Gyozas, sesame balls and also spring rolls. We serve all of them at Sunny Hans!

Gyozas also known as pot stickers are one of the most important foods in the new year. they are shaped like a gold or silver ingot and symbolize wealth. They say the more you eat the richer you are! We have them for 8 pcs for 3.95.

Sesame balls are gluten free and are made of rice flower fried and have a sweet bean paste in them and covered in sesame seeds to satisfy your sweet cravings – A dozen for 3.95

Spring rolls shape is similar to gold bars and represents wealth. we have them for 3 for 2.95

How to say Happy New Year in Mandarin phonetically it is pronounced “Gong She Fa Tsai”!! Sunny speaks Mandarin.

In Cantonese you say “Gung hay fat choy”!! We hear this alot becasue most of our chinese restaurants in Chinatown are Cantonese.

Sunny Han’s is also having a year of the pig retail sale! We hope to see you soon!